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  • Payment options are available

  • The nearest bail bond office to the jail in Cocoa

  • More than six decades of expertise in the bail bonds industry

  • Local and out of state bail bonds

  • Available 24 hours

  • Friendly assistance and rapid response

  • Warrant checks and Fast-Track Turn in

  • Accepts all major credit cards

  • Bail Bonds can be done over phone with fax or email

  • Member of BBB and Expert Bail Bonds

  • Signature bail bonds

  • Accepts collect calls

No Bail Bond is Beyond Reach, Regardless of Size!

Our commitment to justice extends to bail bonds of all magnitudes. Whether it's a minor infraction or a more substantial legal matter, Baker Bail Bonds stands ready to be your trusted partner. Our team is highly experienced in the intricate world of bail bonds, ensuring that you receive the support you need during challenging times. We want you to know that no bond is too substantial for Baker Bail Bonds to handle. Our comprehensive approach enables us to tackle high-stakes bonds with confidence and competence. We believe in leveling the playing field, ensuring that individuals facing significant legal challenges have access to the support they require.

How It Works


When an individual is arrested, a judge may establish a bail amount, which represents the funds required for the individual's release from custody until their trial. In such situations, many individuals seek assistance from our bail bond agents. Our agents request a percentage of the bail amount and subsequently submit the full sum to the court. This serves as an assurance that the individual will attend all scheduled court dates. Failure to comply puts the paid money at risk, prompting the agent to locate and return the individual. The bail bond process plays a crucial role as it allows individuals to await their trial outside of jail, provided they adhere to the stipulated rules.

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What Our Clients Say:

"Mike & Cassie are the best! Above & beyond for service!" - Paula L

"This is the best Bail Bond owner out there. He was extremely helpful to me and my mom, when my son was roped in to something his friends did, something he didn't even know about. Luckily I got in touch with Baker's and he gave us great advice and prompt service. I would recommend him to anyone in a pinch.." - Kathleen R

"Very nice people they will go out of there way to help you get out of jail. fast friendly service. I would recommend them to my friends." - Tom Gibbs

"Helpful when in a jam. I have used them multiple times now and they are very easy to work with and have been very helpful to me and my family even when we were going through our rough times. Truly an understanding bondsman. Thanks for your help in time of need." - Kayla Springstead

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